It’s funny how motivation can strike you in different ways. I am suddenly taken with a burst of motivation for a new project, and at the moment the motivation is bleeding off into other things too – not that it’s diminishing the optimism I have about the new project, but it seems to be growing. I can give myself a few minutes every now and then to research an aspect of the new project, or record a series of (organised) notes about the new project, and it spurs me on to get going on my other things and daily work too.

This is a good feeling.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt motivated about a personal project, over and above the initial surge of enthusiasm. I hope that this feeling stays, but based on previous experience I have to be mindful of the potential for this enthusiasm to fade away after a couple of days once the project starts to grip and the workload starts to bite. I think this one helps because I actually have a reason to do it that is associated with the adoption of a skill, the skill will benefit me throughout my life, and the acquisition of the skill is not one that is trivial. I also understand the principles of the skill and so am more confident that I can build a solid platform for disseminating what I learn to other people.

I’m trying not to break into details about this project because I’m mindful of not overcommitting. There is a balance to be struck between going on about something and overcommitting myself into revealing too much and getting carried away about what I am capable of delivering. I want to be able to ship this project. I want to be able to make sure that this is something that happens and I make sue I make the most of my enthusiasm and have enough grit and determination to actually deliver the thing when it turns from a fun idea into a hard project. The skill that I am learning is one that I have wanted to learn for several years – almost a decade, in fact – and as such I well know that I have started several times over and abandoned the idea when it turned into something too hard to learn.

There are multiple ways of dealing with this – I fervently believe at this point that the process of not only learning, but building a set of tutorials around what I learn, will help me fix the knowledge more firmly in my mind – thus ensuring that I maintain the level of knowledge without losing interest because I forget things as fast as I learn them – and by building tutorials I will actually be able to teach others and help them, so building a useful resource in the future. It essentially hinges on the fact that I want to learn this anyway, and I’ll be able to maintain this momentum when the going gets tough.