14by17 – 2016 summary

So, a summary.

Nearly 5 months ago I wrote the last post on my weight loss journey, and it was never really all that good. Despite my goal to be 14 stone by 2017, the exercise was not successful – instead, I put on weight every time I weighed myself, and I didn’t manage to follow through on eating healthily.

So, instead, I took a little time off. I went on holiday and wasn’t really the weight I wanted to be.

Then, I listened to the recommendations from family and went to Slimming World instead. And now, I have managed to drop nearly a stone from the weight I was in July – from 16 stone 3 pounds to 15 stone 4, and I’m on track. Weight keeps going down. I eat better, and less, and I move around more – more walking to locations, playing badminton once a week when I really work up a sweat, and more often than not turning down dessert and snacks.

When I do eat, I eat better – mostly – and the best thing Slimming World has taught me is that every time I eat crap, I have a price I have to pay. In Syns, as far as Slimming World is concerned, and in extra exercise for the day to day moving about.

Yes, Christmas is not going to be a particularly healthy one, but I know I have a pathway out of it and a strategy to get lighter and fitter.

Right now I’m back to where I started. I managed to turn around the weight increases over the 14by17 exercise, and I’m now on a downturn in weight gain to actually hit the 14 stone goal. In 2017, I will **definitely** hit that goal.

Here goes – I’ll keep checking in.