14by17 week 27

Once again, I have reason to believe that while the overall trend is up, it is slowing. I haven’t done anything to help that, and I’m still occasionally snacking and not doing as much exercise as I really should be doing. I really should sit down and write the post I’ve been meaning to write about how I make promises to myself and others and then summarily fail to deliver.

Anyway, self-loathing aside, I am all about the super slow changes – but I’m also mindful that in September I have a beach holiday; so I should really do the best I can to get into a semi-decent shape for that.

14by17 week 26

So, six months in, on my 46th birthday, what have I got to say for myself?

Well, let’s just say that the preceding six months have not been kind. Far from losing weight, I’ve put it on, and I’m now – if anything – eight to ten pounds heavier than when I started.

That, in itself, is having an effect on my self-confidence, my wardrobe, and my goals. I really want to be lighter, but it’s never as easy as it may seem.

I distinctly hope that I can turn it around in the last six months. I very much don’t want to be posting that I am even heavier than I am now in another six months, and right now I’ll settle for just getting back down to 15 stones in weight. At least all my skinny clothes will fit me then.

So it’s rapidly turning into 15by17, and not 14by17 as originally envisaged. hmmm. Onwards and upwards, then!