14by17 week 23

Another poor week, and another week of disrupted weight and slow progress. The steps continue apace with the occasional blip, but generally better than before. The continued poor progress on weight loss is definitely due to me eating crap.

I really need to stop eating crap. That bit is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it was; I’m really slipping back when it comes to eating more than my normal three meals a day – and it’s not as if I haven’t been able to control this in the past, just now it requires a bit more grit.

14by17 week 22

The graph over the last week shows an increase in weight directly aligned with the reduction in physical activity, but this is more nefarious; I have discovered that the way I weigh myself has possibly been reporting the wrong values for the last month and now I have to correct that.

The last week shows what I believe to be the right weights, which means it looks like I’m going in the wrong direction.

Do I feel lighter? No, but I feel healthier; the ability to walk further is now locked into my personal fitness. I do feel a little slimmer but that is more than the healthiness, but I do have to be brave and make sure that I’m not slacking off and eating crap – which sadly, is still a factor. I’m still slipping far too often and blaming it on some force over which I don’t have control, which I know is nonsense.