14by17 week 21

Something is definitely happening. While I don’t have the massive drop in weight that I was expecting – OK, sure, I admit that this was a ridiculous expectation – there is a distinct movement in terms of weight and the fact that it’s starting to move up and down in relation to my increased activity.

Sure, the activity has had a few variations recently – I’ve had to admit that the 5000 steps a day rule has had a couple of blips lately, resulting in the massive variation you can see in the chart. Even so, I am planning to keep up the activity as it is making a difference and shaking things up a little, which is the point. I may not be staring down the barrel of 14 stone any time soon, which given that I’m nearly halfway through the year is not a good thing to say, but I hope I’ll be able to at least get back to where I started with a set of better habits.

14by17 week 20

Without getting ahead of myself, I think I can draw a correlation between increased physical activity and weight loss – though it is early days, I do seem to be losing a few pounds, given that I am repeatedly walking more than 5000 steps a day.

The graph shows it all; I have noticed that increased appetite is (understandably) showing up when I’m walking 5-6 miles a day, and that needs a hell of a lot of willpower to stop the desire to eat later in the evenings when all it’s going to do is turn to fat.

For the last month or so, though, I’ve been talking about baby steps and I’m still keen to achieve them – I have managed nine straight days of hitting my target every day, and I just want to avoid breaking the chain.

14by17 week 19

o, last week I skipped my post, but I have a good excuse; I was moving house!

I have been trying to make more of an effort in the areas where I was able to improve, and rather than make massive inroads into the areas of eating less junk (that’s going to take longer than I thought to properly accomplish), I have decided to be a little more active by simply moving around more often.

As you can see from the steps portion of the graph below, I have made an effort. For the last ten days (with the exception of one day) I have managed to get my step count over 5,000 steps, and it has been surprisingly easy to achieve – as long as I make that conscious effort.

The one day was when it was raining, but I no longer have an excuse with the running machine in the shed at the end of the garden, a good 20 minutes out there will make all the difference.

So, I’ll try to keep up the good work when it comes to walking around, then gradually introduce the control of the diet. I’ll get there but in steps.