On 2016

I’ve been quite hesitant when considering what I’m going to do in 2016 and what commitments I’m going to make to myself. If I think back to the huge range of resolutions I set for 2015, I think I managed only one of them. Thankfully, they are all contained in an Omnifocus document which I ditched along with that organisation system.

So, I have the chance to start with a clean slate, and think carefully about what I’m able to commit to before I write it down and berate myself every day for not making gigantic leaps and bounds of success. Instead of writing a list of resolutions here, I’ve committed to creating a [projects page](/projects) which will list the public things I’ve done. I have a couple of ideas already and I hope to keep adding to them.

If I’m honest with myself, my biggest challenge will be to achieve a balance between the day job and my side projects. I’ve determined that 2016 will be the year of the side project for me, but these projects will consist of anything I do that can be publicised and is not related to work. So, I won’t now have to set up a blog and then write hundreds of posts and work out how to monetise it – instead You Are Great will be an example; something I threw together in a weekend as more of a coding exercise than anything else, which had achieved absolutely no attraction at all, but is still something I wanted to do and managed to get off the ground.

This site is another example – I’ve moved away from the one click installation process of WordPress and its numerous updates, complexities, and vulnerabilities and instead implemented Jekyll to power this and future sites. Much nicer, simpler, with less noise and complication. It’s also a hell of a lot faster. I won’t proclaim that it’s really easy to set up, but it’s also not that complicated and for someone who has expressed an interest in coding, it’s a perfect exercise in tinkering.

So, 2016 for me will be about investment in myself, the year of the side projects, and balance between work and my own stuff. I also hope to write more than one post a year on here…