248 days

I’ve been putting this post off for ever, but as I’ve moved the blog over to DigitalOcean (referral link) in the hope that doing so would spur me on to greater posting heights and blogging activity, I thought I’d plunge back into the fray. As you may well be able to tell, my ability to post regularly is somewhat lacking.

I’ve read through the previous posts on this blog and the last one was a commitment from myself to myself to go through the 100 day programme in an attempt to build commitment to a thing. It’s not the first time I’ve gone through the programme, and although I’ve managed to complete it several times, I haven’t managed to commit to anything, with one exception – the writing for the 100 day programme itself.

After I started the programme the last time, one of the commitments I made to myself was that even if I utterly failed to create anything of meaning in the multitude of projects I started (I did fail, tremendously), I would write about it every day, and I’d write 500 words. Every day.

Well, the first 100 days passed, and I had to admit that the fantastic projects I had committed to had come to naught. I did write every day, though, and so I started all over again the very next day. The next 100 days came and went, and I once again looked back at my promises to myself and laughed hollowly, as they went the way of every other magical project that I get excited about and then promptly drop as soon as they get too hard to actually do.

Sigh. The point?

I wrote 500 words every day. So far I have managed 248 days in a row. I may have started and failed to finish a whole multitude of projects, I may well have amassed a collection of whizzy domain names that point nowhere in particular, but I did write every day, and now I’m on a roll I keep on doing it. Right now it’s no more than a diary of sorts; a collection of ups and downs as I chart my progress in trying and failing with the ever-so-clever ideas that come to mind from time to time.

Along the way I’ve learnt when I write best (before lunch) and what keeps me going (setting up wordpress blogs, oddly enough – I’m very good at that, even if I can’t fill them with anything). I can type 500 words on an iPhone if I have to, but it’s not a fun exercise. Day One is my app of choice for daily writing, and as long as the stuff isn’t public, I can write easily.

Public writing is harder. Hopefully the 500 words a day will make that easier. Hopefully this post, and the others that follow it (yes, I know, commitment) will prove that.