14by17 week 8

Yeah, I’m not going to start kidding myself now – my weight is going up. It really is; it’s been climbing since Christmas and based on current behaviour it’s not going to stop any time soon.

I started tracking my steps and despite the apparent increase, I think the fact that I’m slightly mindful of the step count means I’m carrying my phone around with me every time I move – so this looks like an increase in activity when in fact it’s just an increase in tracking. I’m not doing the long walks I was doing before and combining that with the ongoing snacking is just not helping things along at all.

I wonder when I’ll make the actual realisation that I need to do something about this? Odd, isn’t it – i’m wondering when I’ll do something about the weight increases as if that’s someone elses job, rather than *actually my job to do*.

Harrumph. At least I’m not making pledges – these don’t work; I suppose at some point, when my trousers split or I simply can’t wear them any more, the point will have been made for me.

Right now I’m in observation mode, rather than activity mode.