14by17 week 7

I have come to some sort of realisation, regarding my weight. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was given another series of medication recently to control my blood pressure, and with any new course of medication, I always pause and consider my health and wellbeing.

Sure, I don’t rattle like a pill jar these days, but I still have to control my INR level through warfarin, and now control my blood pressure through another drug whose name escapes me at present. So, I consider my weight and the lifestyle I lead, and wonder if there is anything I really should be doing better.

I’m starting to take more notice and responsibility. I am starting to walk around a little more, and take more notice of the crap that I’m feeding myself, and saying “no” that little more often. But part of the realisation is another reliance on metrics and data that I’ve gathered for quite some time:

That graph above shows the number of steps taken per day for nearly two years now, and the increased density in the last year shows a direct correlation between physical activity and my weight loss. No surprise there, I hear you cry, but please note the right hand side – in the last couple of months the activity has dropped off dramatically. I have to do something about that.

Over the next week or so I’ll work out how to plot my steps data alongside my weight loss – adding to the public shaming – and I’ll add some more insight into the 14by17 journey.