14by17 week 6

I’m starting to wonder how long I can continue without major change in any direction.

Looking at the last week in particular, my weight has peaked and troughed but overall hasn’t really changed. I have made the major step (insert droll laughter here) of reviewing the couch to 5k programme and understanding what it expects of me; I have plans in place to do more walking both at work (during lunchtimes, I have walking routes in place) and at home – using the couch to 5k plan around the park.

The next step is actually to put on my training shoes and do the walking. At the very least I can put the trainers in my bag or in the car so they are accessible; this is about reducing the friction required to get out walking.

Beyond that, I do need to make a conscious effort to cut down on the junk. I am still allowing myself to slip far more often than I should, and am willingly allowing myself to slip rather than being aware of my consumption.