14by17 week 5


My weight has not changed by a single pound in the last two weeks. I have been starting to wonder if my set of scales had actually given up the ghost and refused to show any changes in weight but no – it’s perfectly capable, I just haven’t changed a bit.

This is very odd. Sure, I haven’t been pigging out but despite my suggestion of last week, I haven’t been very good either. (Diet starts next week, I promise). I would have expected to see a change in the last two weeks – probably more up than down – but nothing.

Let’s not celebrate just yet. It’s not a change for the worse, but it’s not a change for the better, either, and I’m a long way from my goal.

So I’m going to promise to really, really try this week. Even just to shift down by a single pound. Funny how the baby steps are getting smaller, but I have to show progress – this is getting ridiculous.