14by17 week 4

Once again, slow progress.

It’s easy to interpret no change upwards as one that is a positive step. At least I’m not gaining weight. It would be equally easy to say that I’m not losing it, either.

Can I honestly say that my diet has been better? No, not in all truth. I am still at the point where I succumb to cheap, high calorie snack food; nothing short of a ruthless approach to change will stop that – but I have done it before, and I can do it again.

It’s also easy to toss out the platitudes about doing something again, but I will need to commit to a date – and even the thought of doing that invokes the gods of snack foods: “No! You can’t! You’ll just slip again! You’ll just let yourself down again!”.

As with anything that requires commitment, at some point I will have to commit.

Monday the 1st of Feb. That’s when I start. One snack day a week when I can’t make myself feel guilty about eating sugary garbage, but the rest of the week I relentlessly track and shame myself if I give in.

Friday the 5th will be the reckoning.