14by17 week 3

Hmmm. Things have not been going well.

Despite my hope that the gradual progress downwards would be repeated this week, that’s clearly not the case. I was thrown by a huge leap on Saturday, and then the measurements stagnated at a small increment higher than last week – so when viewed on the graph below, the trend is starting to lurch upwards.

Now, I can prevaricate about this some more, moan and complain that despite my best efforts things aren’t working, but I’m kidding no-one but myself. It’s a lie. I have been not paying close enough attention to the food I eat, and I’m still not able to resist the multitude of small treats that float around the office.

I know that my weak point is the afternoon, when my energy levels slump and I start to hunt for little snacks to help out. Of course, this is the point when I should just double down on the work, push out the siren calls of chocolate, and drink water. Lots of water.

More baby steps, I suppose, and at least by writing about them every week I can’t claim to have forgotten.

(Addendum written after this was composed on Friday morning: having indulged in Jamaican Jerk Chicken for lunch, and pasta and garlic ciabatta for dinner, I suspect the carbs will weigh heavily upon me tomorrow.)