14by17 week 21

Something is definitely happening. While I don’t have the massive drop in weight that I was expecting – OK, sure, I admit that this was a ridiculous expectation – there is a distinct movement in terms of weight and the fact that it’s starting to move up and down in relation to my increased activity.

Sure, the activity has had a few variations recently – I’ve had to admit that the 5000 steps a day rule has had a couple of blips lately, resulting in the massive variation you can see in the chart. Even so, I am planning to keep up the activity as it is making a difference and shaking things up a little, which is the point. I may not be staring down the barrel of 14 stone any time soon, which given that I’m nearly halfway through the year is not a good thing to say, but I hope I’ll be able to at least get back to where I started with a set of better habits.