14by17 two weeks in

Alright then, let’s review.

I’m two weeks into the desire to hit 14 stones in weight by 2017. So far, progress appears to be improving, not least because I have been a little more mindful of the crap that I eat and the exercise that I do – without yet committing to do a 5k yet – and I think the weight is ever so slowly coming off (with the occasional wobble from here to there).

Of course, as my wife pointed out, the daily monitoring of my weight can lead to false impressions of weight loss. It’s far too easy to think that there is a trend downwards when, in fact, the data captured is just a tiny fragment of an overall trend which could be in completely the other direction.

To make this clearer, I’ve decided to change the tracking data a bit – as you can see in the graph below, I’m now including the data back to before Christmas, and also showing where the target is; this makes my progress (up or down) much clearer in the context of where I want to be.

I’m at the start of that slope which could either lead upwards into obesity, or downwards into fitness (or at least being thinner). Right now I could say that I have no idea where that slope goes, but I have the ability to influence that slope – through diet and exercise.

I also have to be mindful of talking about this a lot without actually doing something about it. For me, that has previously resulted in a great deal of written promises and very little follow up – but by using this format to check in with myself once a week, I can consider where my decisions have taken me, week by week, and hold myself accountable.

I called this project 14by17 for a reason. It’s pretty unambiguous. All I have to do is stick by it. At least this week appears to be better than the last.