14by17 one week in

So, after a week of the “diet”, how have I done?

Well, in a word, poorly. I’ve put a little graph at the bottom of this post to show how my weight has fluctuated this week, and generally, the trend is up, not down. This is not a great surprise.

I’ve found it harder to steer myself away from the chocolate treats and little biscuits as they are still around after Christmas. I’ve also found it hard to control myself when it comes to grazing; the availability of the aforementioned biscuits and chocolate doesn’t help much in this regard, but even so – self-control is failing me here.

Thankfully, my weekly budget is shrinking and the opportunity to casually snack on stuff will disappear, and be replaced by sticking to the food I bring with me to work. Couple this with increased physical activity – I’ve walked to site in London three times this week for a total of over 15 miles covered – and I should start to see a gradual lowering in weight.

Mind you, I’d be happy with it simply not creeping upwards right now.

More progress reports next week.