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I started writing this at 2am when my child was awake and unhappy. I only got as far as the title before I decided that typing something on a phone at 2am would render me incapable of generating any sense and I would spend as much time correcting it as I did writing it.

I have a strange relationship with sleep. I don’t nearly get enough. I manage on average six and a half hours of sleep a night when I should be getting eight but this is not a function of my job or the life I lead - it’s more that I have different bursts of energy during the day. Despite the fact that I tend to be exhausted in the afternoon, I manage to gain more energy in the evening and I’m not ready for bed, so I stay up late and end up even more tired the next day.

I wrote in a post several years ago that I love to find a warm spot and curl up and go to sleep. I rarely manage this now because I simply give myself too much to do. Even though I have failed to deliver several other personal projects, I have at the last count set myself up for five new projects, all of which I try to handle all at the same time. Expect to see another post in a few months when I decry my ability to ship on projects.

I suppose setting myself up for failure nice and early is a trait that does me no favours when it comes to making projects work. This is not another round of moaning about it as I already have the understanding of what is necessary to make a project happen - I just have to do the work and keep doing it when it gets hard and boring; this is the mark of someone who ships projects - the person who can keep going when it gets too much to bear.

I have my second wind in the evening and that is the time when I should be concentrating on getting my projects shipped. Of course, I should be getting some sleep. There is a balance to be struck between the three demands - going to sleep and getting rest, learning more things to ship my projects, or simply winding down and relaxing to make the most of the time I have to myself.

Today is a friday. I am at least assured that I will get sufficient sleep tonight, before the weekend kicks in and all the inevitable obligations start to make their own demands on my time. I make the effort to track my sleep every night on an app on my phone and that tells me what I need to do - go to bed earlier, make the most of the chance of sleep and become a happier and more relaxed person. I look forward to the chance to sleep more, especially when my son manages to sleep through the night.